Month: January 2013

The wall

This was the second time he felt that the wall was the end of the world. He failed to acknowledge anything that existed beyond that.
This was the second time he had allowed someone to enter his sacred sanctuary, infiltrate his very soul, change him with love so intemerate and blissful, that the very purpose of his being had changed.
And now it was gone. He was broken and destroyed, all with a few stroke of words. The world with all its plethora of riches didn’t excite him. The enigma of life which he once pursued with such vigour didn’t matter anymore. The reason of his being no longer existed.
He now felt as if he has just woken from a deep slumber. Someone has given him a jolt of reality that had destroyed the peaceful realms of his dream. He felt everything and nothing at the same time.
It was then when the decision was taken. The gates shall be shut forever.

28th January 2013



It was today when I was listening to a speech titled ‘Faith v.s Logic’. A most intriguing speech, in which Sadhu Brahmavihari Swamiji manages to persuade me how to keep faith while still keeping your logic intact. One of his preaching includes teaching us how one can perceive one single thing or act in different manners. This is my attempt in doing the same (my love for being the devils advocate never subsides).
The word’s a passe. The era in which we exist doesn’t believe in rationality. Even if it does, does it for the wrong purpose. But then more about that later. Greed rules over men. It does with all its heartfelt selfishness  Rationality or for that matter plain logic would have called for republicans accepting Obama’s conditions in order to avoid fiscal cliff. It would have called for Indira Gandhi not declaring emergency at a time when it was least needed. It would have called for hiranyakashyap using his vardaan (wishes) for a better cause.
Surely enough, greed for power and money makes a person blind. The downfall does not make it worth the while. For lack of the better sense, rationality does not seem to prevail in any scenarios. Solution – surely there is none in plain sight. People like these continue to exist and while they do the world shall never be a harmonious place.
It is therefore on the youth of the society, those few sensible, enlightened ones which haven’t yet been mired by greed, to learn from the mistakes of the past. Our acts shall be those which are for the greater good. It is when we learn to escape that narrow-minded attitude that we shall find solace.
Gordan Gekko (Michael Douglas) in the movie Wall Street had proclaimed ‘Greed is Good’.
Well considering the downfalls of people like Ramalingam Raju (of Satyam fame), Bob Diamond(Barclays), Andrew Fastow (Enron)  and many more one can easily conclude that Gekko’s infamous dialogue aint true no more.

P.S. No disrespect meant to BVS. I only defend rationality or common logic in the above write-up against judgements or acts of certain people. His speeches are one of the best I’ve ever heard. Highly recommended.

Signing off

23rd December 2012


They say India achieved freedom in 1947. I say we have been living as slaves since the beginning of time. Freedom is often a misconstrued word. The population at large lives a mechanical life.
Wake up at a predetermined time. A 10 to 6 job. Go home, eat and give yourself up to slumber. Tell me Sir (or Madame as the case maybe) when did you last do what you really wanted to do.
Our dreams and wishes gets subdued due to the pressure of making our parents proud, handling our family and maybe even peer pressure. And then suddenly one day you realize that all your dreams are left unfulfilled.
The life we have been bestowed is meant for so much more. It shouldn’t be affected by other people’s thoughts and wishes. The hell with Dogma. Do what you want to, act on impulse, even if that means suddenly landing up beneath your friend’s place to give them a surprise or bunking work just because you didn’t feel like working on that particular day.
Be mad and remain like that my friend.
That is true freedom.

Signing off

7th January 2012

A small conversation

We sat across an elegant table draped with a transparent white cloth. It looked as if a beautiful face was hidden with a patina that did not deserve to be there. I was the host (as  is the case most of the times). I ordered for coffee while he politely declined anything the waiter cared to offer.
‘So why do you summon me? Go on. Ask anything’ he said.
‘You should know’ I replied.
‘I would like to hear it from you, nevertheless’ he said.
‘Why don’t you ever eat?’
‘Is that the reason why you called me’
‘I’m just building up for the big ones’ I replied.
He kept on staring.
‘Okay. So what is this thing? I’m in a mess, and you should know that. Some things are just not in my hand’.
‘Why are you getting worried my friend’ he said smiling.
‘Because I feel you aren’t doing as much.’ I blurted out.
‘Since long do you know me son?’ the smile still persisted.
‘I cannot recall, must be years’ I replied.
The truth was I did remember. Even since we got into this thing. Ever since the inception.
He had been my partner and my guide since the beginning.
‘Why let your faith dwindle then?’
That left me with no answer.
‘Why do we fall? So that we get up and give it back harder.’
He got up and gave me a bear hug and whispered ‘Keep faith’.

3rd January 2013

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A happy place?

As the first morsel of food went down my throat, I was left dazed and perturbed. I was pelting questions at God as I often do when I’m in similar situations. Wasn’t good supposed to triumph over evil? What have I done to deserve this? Aren’t you supposed to help me out in such situations?
The world is cruel, selfish and a sadist place (pardon me, I’m an extremist in a bad place right now). It will happily take what you offer and give back promises that tomorrow will be a better day. I ask him a question ‘Who in this world is genuinely happy and contend with his life?’ He smiled back meekly. I’m starting to detest his wait and watch approach. If we are his kids after all why doesn’t he guide us and lead us to a better place? Ofcourse complaining against him won’t do me any good. The world isn’t going to change. It is we who must learn to stand back up and fight. Fight for what we want, for who we are. Fautso Geraci had once said ‘In the ring one must learn to put things at the back of his mind or he’s a sitting duck’. I feel the same applies for life too. One must learn to forget things or atleast not think about it often. One has to keep his faith intact and move on. Hope is filling my mind that someday we shall get what we deserve, that someday good will ultimately triumph over evil. Afterall hope is all we have.

7th December 2012