A happy place?

As the first morsel of food went down my throat, I was left dazed and perturbed. I was pelting questions at God as I often do when I’m in similar situations. Wasn’t good supposed to triumph over evil? What have I done to deserve this? Aren’t you supposed to help me out in such situations?
The world is cruel, selfish and a sadist place (pardon me, I’m an extremist in a bad place right now). It will happily take what you offer and give back promises that tomorrow will be a better day. I ask him a question ‘Who in this world is genuinely happy and contend with his life?’ He smiled back meekly. I’m starting to detest his wait and watch approach. If we are his kids after all why doesn’t he guide us and lead us to a better place? Ofcourse complaining against him won’t do me any good. The world isn’t going to change. It is we who must learn to stand back up and fight. Fight for what we want, for who we are. Fautso Geraci had once said ‘In the ring one must learn to put things at the back of his mind or he’s a sitting duck’. I feel the same applies for life too. One must learn to forget things or atleast not think about it often. One has to keep his faith intact and move on. Hope is filling my mind that someday we shall get what we deserve, that someday good will ultimately triumph over evil. Afterall hope is all we have.

7th December 2012



  1. Solu Fatuto my brother, Solu fatuto :D. I recently ran into a picture that said, “That Awkward Moment when you realize that being a good human being is the most foolish thing ever”

  2. nice to see you writing Harsh! keep it up! and yes, we all have thouse days when we realise that being a good human being is the most foolish thing ever!! but the key is to ignore that thought and hang in there… πŸ™‚

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