They say India achieved freedom in 1947. I say we have been living as slaves since the beginning of time. Freedom is often a misconstrued word. The population at large lives a mechanical life.
Wake up at a predetermined time. A 10 to 6 job. Go home, eat and give yourself up to slumber. Tell me Sir (or Madame as the case maybe) when did you last do what you really wanted to do.
Our dreams and wishes gets subdued due to the pressure of making our parents proud, handling our family and maybe even peer pressure. And then suddenly one day you realize that all your dreams are left unfulfilled.
The life we have been bestowed is meant for so much more. It shouldn’t be affected by other people’s thoughts and wishes. The hell with Dogma. Do what you want to, act on impulse, even if that means suddenly landing up beneath your friend’s place to give them a surprise or bunking work just because you didn’t feel like working on that particular day.
Be mad and remain like that my friend.
That is true freedom.

Signing off

7th January 2012


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