It was today when I was listening to a speech titled ‘Faith v.s Logic’. A most intriguing speech, in which Sadhu Brahmavihari Swamiji manages to persuade me how to keep faith while still keeping your logic intact. One of his preaching includes teaching us how one can perceive one single thing or act in different manners. This is my attempt in doing the same (my love for being the devils advocate never subsides).
The word’s a passe. The era in which we exist doesn’t believe in rationality. Even if it does, does it for the wrong purpose. But then more about that later. Greed rules over men. It does with all its heartfelt selfishness  Rationality or for that matter plain logic would have called for republicans accepting Obama’s conditions in order to avoid fiscal cliff. It would have called for Indira Gandhi not declaring emergency at a time when it was least needed. It would have called for hiranyakashyap using his vardaan (wishes) for a better cause.
Surely enough, greed for power and money makes a person blind. The downfall does not make it worth the while. For lack of the better sense, rationality does not seem to prevail in any scenarios. Solution – surely there is none in plain sight. People like these continue to exist and while they do the world shall never be a harmonious place.
It is therefore on the youth of the society, those few sensible, enlightened ones which haven’t yet been mired by greed, to learn from the mistakes of the past. Our acts shall be those which are for the greater good. It is when we learn to escape that narrow-minded attitude that we shall find solace.
Gordan Gekko (Michael Douglas) in the movie Wall Street had proclaimed ‘Greed is Good’.
Well considering the downfalls of people like Ramalingam Raju (of Satyam fame), Bob Diamond(Barclays), Andrew Fastow (Enron)  and many more one can easily conclude that Gekko’s infamous dialogue aint true no more.

P.S. No disrespect meant to BVS. I only defend rationality or common logic in the above write-up against judgements or acts of certain people. His speeches are one of the best I’ve ever heard. Highly recommended.

Signing off

23rd December 2012


One comment

  1. It is rather difficult to balance faith and logic. The imbalance somehow balances your belief in things and makes you a strong believer in you- yourself. I think.
    I appreciate how you defend rationality and logic. Just like always. But I think your write up would have gotten a new dimension had you mentioned something more about faith. Your faith in something,someone, just as much your belief in logic.
    Looking forward to read something more on faith.

    Keep up with such refreshing articles! Bravo! 😀

    PS: i want to see you as the devil’s advocate 😛

    Känu :o)))

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