The wall

This was the second time he felt that the wall was the end of the world. He failed to acknowledge anything that existed beyond that.
This was the second time he had allowed someone to enter his sacred sanctuary, infiltrate his very soul, change him with love so intemerate and blissful, that the very purpose of his being had changed.
And now it was gone. He was broken and destroyed, all with a few stroke of words. The world with all its plethora of riches didn’t excite him. The enigma of life which he once pursued with such vigour didn’t matter anymore. The reason of his being no longer existed.
He now felt as if he has just woken from a deep slumber. Someone has given him a jolt of reality that had destroyed the peaceful realms of his dream. He felt everything and nothing at the same time.
It was then when the decision was taken. The gates shall be shut forever.

28th January 2013


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