A quintessential era

“The day when you pick up a guitar there’s nothing coming through whatsoever. There’s no new pieces or new ideas. And that’s the sort of gift any creative person has. There’s always that point when it might happen to you, when you’re too old to pick the guitar up. And we’re just trying to keep that day far, far away, and out of sight.”

– Jimmy Page

Upon much insistence of a friend I finally saw ‘It might get loud’. A documentary dedicated to music or more specifically to guitars. More than 24 hours have passed ever since and yet I can’t stop myself thinking about it. The documentary is a collaboration of 3 guitarists namely Jimmy Page, Jack White and Edge. All of them describe their enigmatic journey taking us to the very roots of their life.

Let me start with Jimmy Page. That guy is a genius. No one, except probably Jimi Hendrix in my eyes ( although the comparison is absolutely nonsensical) plays better music than this Jimmy Page. He practically redefined rock n roll in the 70’s with songs like Stairway to Heaven, Kashmir etc.

Jack White. Damn that guy has some attitude in him! The way he talks, the way he plays, the way he sings, everything with such a demeanor, one can’t help but love it. He is probably the sole reason I listen to ‘The Raconteurs’.

Well I’m not really a fan of U2 but Edge is more than that. His techniques are mind-boggling – from testing music on the beach to get the right effect to spending hours on guitar just to get that one note correct – you’ve got to see it to believe it. This guy has just gained one more fan.

All in all these three guys have left an ever lasting impression on my mind. It sure makes the documentary a must watch.

P.S The ecstatic approach, the exuberant techniques just makes me wonder there is so much to music that we all are unaware of.

P.P.S that was just an afterthought. More on that later.

Signing off.

23rd February 2013



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