The 1$ a tank man

“We’re not perfect, but we do have democracy.”

– Hugo Chavez

You’ve got to admit it, a person who screws up a 100 times and still continues to rule has got to have something in him. Undoubtedly Mr. Hugo Chavez did. He was always more of an artist than a deserving democrat. This was apparent in the 15 years he ruled over Venezuela. One doesn’t need anything more than a walk in the streets of Venezuela to realize what has become of the country. Now if one looks at the oil reserves the country has, one wonders what the country could have been had the omnishambled affair not taken place. The country sold its gasoline at 1$ a tank to the public (probably the lowest in the world) resulting in unimaginable loss of revenue. The mismanaged financial affairs of the country led to huge borrowings, so much so that for every three barrels the country sold, 1 went to repay debt. The currency lost much of its value since Chavez came into power and had to be revalued as much as 5 times ever since.

The man was considered a symbol of hope, the very embodiment of transition which the country had needed only to be later tagged as an outlandish actor who ruined a country’s economy only to retain dictatorship.

Sure he had that thing going for him.

7th March 2013.


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