Illusions and dreams

He couldn’t quite recall how and when she suddenly appeared and gave him their customary twenty-second hug and that too in front of his friends. He wanted to tell her how much he missed them but all he could manage was to ask was how was her flight. They had not met since 6 months and her beauty did every bit of justice to his memory. Things had not been good and they both knew it. There was a time when they couldn’t get enough of the other person but those were now vague memories. But now he had hope. She was back. They had survived those times which could have so easily ended everything that they have. He caught her giving him glances as she laughed gaily along with his friends. He looked at her beautiful face, her inch-perfect smile as a sense of peace washed over him.

The persistent rings of his phone woke him up from his deep slumber. It left a dead silence as it stopped ringing. As obnubilated as one could feel, he searched for his watch. It was half past 6, time enough to prepare for his meeting which commenced at 9. As he washed his face it struck him like a lightning, it was all a dream. She was still far away. He prepared coffee for himself while trying to avoid those nostalgic thoughts. As he sat down reading the notes he had prepared the previous night, he wondered if at all things would be alright. Not being able to concentrate on work, on impulse he got up. He had this sudden urge to talk to her that very moment. As he was about to pick up his telephone it started ringing again. It was her calling to wish him good morning.

15th March 2013


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