Writer’s block

Oft do I feel this sudden urgency to write about a particular topic. Only when the write up is finished, do I attain peace. It so happened a few days back that as I sat down with utmost enthusiasm to write about a recent incident, I felt this force stopping my flow of thoughts. Although it was imperative that I vent out my feelings about that incident that very moment before it vanishes, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t meet success.It bothered me for quite a while until a good friend of mine, Maulik Doshi (who also writes quite often) admitted that he too faces such situations. He named it ‘ writer’s block ‘. Now that calmed me down a bit.

Although we joke around a lot about writer’s block, I secretly and most genuinely dread those moments when I’m not able to express my feelings.

P.S an afterthought that almost every great writer must be having writer’s block calmed me down a lot more ( now that’s just me bathing in vanity)


1st April 2013



One comment

  1. Oh, we all wander there. That is the way our mind is telling us to shut down and relax. Eventually, the story will flow in a better vein. Don’t worry, you will reach your destination, one day at a time 🙂

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