Starting afresh

“Begin each day with a purpose”

– Hitch

Yesterday was one jacked up day. Due to some software issues I had to get my BB formatted. All my data and contacts were lost. What truly hurt me the most were my write-ups (the unpublished ones) were gone. Almost 8 to 10 of them were lost into oblivion. Ofcourse I had taken no back up (if that’s the first thing that came to your mind) . My laziness and my unwarranted faith in RIM did not allow me to do so (voice dripping with sarcasm).

Nevertheless after much theatrics (which involves a slew of abuses and a draft lying in mailbox to RIM CEO), time to move forward.Each day I imagine Will Smith narrating the aforementioned axiom to me, for each day shall be spent inching towards one’s goals. The reason why I’m mentioning this is a couple of goals are mentioned herewith. The name of this blog, fulfills two purposes : implies me attempting to rewrite all my previous unpublished write-ups and signifies the start of a new venture i.e. Solstice. Although I’ve been thinking about Solstice since quite some time, it was last night that Maulik and I got a chance to discuss about the future of Solstice at length. Also I disclosed about Solstice to my close mates who seemed to be quite excited (well at least no one slept over it :p ). There is currently much ambiguity as to what Solstice does, but more on that later.

That’s all for the day.

Signing off.

12th April 2013



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