A walk with Joel (Part 2)

Upon much insistence by a friend I have decided to continue Joels’  series. This is a continuation of a short story written earlier by me which can be found here.

He looked at himself in the mirror, judging himself, wondering if he was dressed appropriately for the occasion. It was the second time Anne and he were going out for dinner. He had wondered if it was appropriate to call it a date while describing it to his friends and decided against it.

As he was about to step out of the house, Anne called up.

‘Hey!’ said the ever-cheerful voice from the other end.

‘Hey there’, replied Joel.

‘Listen, don’t be too mad but I’ve invited Clem and Pierre tonight too. How could I not? Its Clem’s birthday this week and I wont be able to meet her next week’, said Anne, hoping she hadn’t ruined their evening.

‘No, that’s alright. They going through a rough patch. maybe we can sort things out. See you in 5?’ replied Joel.

’15 actually. Let me get ready now. Adios’, said Anne and kept down the phone.

Joel put on his gloves and decided to walk it down to Anne’s home. Much to Joel’s surprise, it was raining slightly. Such weather was uncommon during December but that’s how he preferred it. He immediately started thinking about what were going to do tonight and damning the fact that Pierre and Clementine were joining them for dinner. He had wanted to spend some quality time with Anne and maybe even express his feelings. He felt a pang of guilt as he realized this was Pierre’s last week in town before he leaves for Paris. Pierre was Joel’s closest friend ever since he had shifted to France few years back. Both of them were inseparable during college but they had hardly met after their graduation. Joel had been busy taking up a few odd jobs and mastering his skills as an architect. Joel made a mental note to devote the entire next week to Pierre. As he was about to reach Anne’s building, her thoughts entered his mind again. Should he take her for a walk after dinner? Should he express his feelings during the walk? Or would it be appropriate to express it over dinner some other time? he decided that whatever he was probably over-thinking and that whatever he had to say would be what he feels at the spur of the moment.

True to her word Anne was there, waiting below her building. She was dressed in an elegant white dress. No make-up and with just a necklace around her neck, for Joel she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen in his entire life.

A lot of things felt good in life. It had felt good when he had represented his school in a football matches. It had felt good when he had graduated. It had felt good when he had received his first paycheck. Love felt better.

To be continued..

12th June 2013





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