As the persistent alarm manages to wake me up, I realize I am in a gloomy mood this morning. I wish I had one of those remote which Adam Sandler had in ‘Click’ so that I could fast forward this day. Alas!
The prospects of the day didn’t help one single bit. I have a long tiring day at work to look forward to and no plans for the night (so if anybody is free, do let me know). Also I had a minor argument with a friend last night which just makes me even more sulky. Enough of the ranting or you would probably think I’m a girl or something (no offense meant to womankind of course).
As a matter of fact I have no clue why I am blabbering, while lazing around on my couch, but for the fact that writing makes me feel better.

Thanks for listening.

Have a nice day.

15th June 2013



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