Man vs Nature

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

– Job 1:21

Ever since the beginning of time man has tried to control, tame and at the same time exploit nature. He has used forest for timber, rivers and lakes for water and land for minerals but never has he returned the favor. The recent occurrences in Uttarakhand is an example of what is to be expected when nature decides to reply back.
Uttarakhand lies in the fragile belt of Himalayas. Due to this the area has been victim to several calamities in the past few years. Inspite of this, activities such as building tunnels, dams and cutting of slopes have been taken place which have increased the risk of such disasters. The recent floods and landslides has devastated villages and killed thousands of people.
It was not as if man didn’t know what it was dealing with; several geologist had warned about the risks that were involved, several saints had protested against building of dams and yet such warnings weren’t paid heed to.
Sustainable development is the need of the hour. Man cannot ignore the involvement of nature while focusing only on development.
The recent occurrences are warnings ; warnings that human shall not meddle with the forces of nature or it shall face its wrath.
Let us all hope that good sense prevails.

24th June 2013.


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