Month: September 2013


“So much so that it hurts you, you got to let them go”

– Anon

Today I feel like calling up and talking to that person, knowing I would regret when I am sane tomorrow.

Signing off

21st September 2013.



So there I was, going through a well scripted story on a blog which I avidly follow when I noticed a small paragraph at the end proclaiming that anyone who would try to steal the contents of the blog would be bombed ( i.e sued) as they are ‘copyright protected’. That made me wonder that if someone did, just for the sake of satirical humour, steal the contents of somebodys’ blog, what would be the chances of such blatant act being discovered. Looking at it from a different angle, why would anybody post anything on the web and, well considering the amount of piracy going on, hope that it wont by copied!

The blogger had thereafter mentioned that she is a big follower of a certain author that goes by the name of Sue Grafton and that her writings are very much influenced by the latter. I’d almost cried out loud that very moment, “Plagiarism. Plagiarism everywhere!”. I’d like to ask the above-mentioned blogger someday if copying somebody’s style doesn’t amount to plagiarism?

Food for thought : The world would have been so much better if Hitler would have tried to exterminate hypocrites and not the Jews.

Nevertheless, wishing you all a Happy Sunday.

Signing off

15th September 2013

Today (Part 3)

Disclaimer: Today (Part 3) is no where related to ‘Today‘ and ‘Today (Part 2)‘ and hence should be read separately.

Today was unarguably one of the most lethargic and unproductive day in my history. It was a day highlighted with phlegm, watching TV and absolutely no thoughts about anything. Probably even the worst days of Ernest Hemingway, or perhaps Bob Dylan must have given more to mankind than this day of mine.

I’d like to tell you that drug-induced (medicinal drugs, just clarifying) sleep is the worst of all especially when your exams are round the corner. Irrespective of that fact I had to take them due to the damned flu. Thus, I woke up at noon feeling as obscure as one could. The entire day was then spent vegging out in front of the television watching classics and consuming pills instead of cheddar/salted popcorn (no caramel). I did however come across a couple of good write-ups while surfing which can be found here(in case you like content economics) and here.

Suddenly came the moment that I dreaded; that horrible sinking feeling that you get when you realize that the entire day has been wasted when you should be studying and making each day count. But then the phone rang, I realized it was a Saturday and that maybe a drink would do me good.

P.S The entire blog is written in haste. More on today in a while.

Signing off.

7th September 2013