Month: November 2013

Justin Long

Justin Long was not the conventional kid you’d expect to find in a college. He was a loner, mildly dyslexic and a sternly opinionated person.

It was the 21st day of December, when as he was leaving college after getting done with his usual darg, a certain girl named Becky called him from behind. He didn’t like Becky for her annoying habit of picking at him the moment she spotted him.

‘Justin Long, is that you’, she squealed as she walked upto him.

‘Quite evidently’, he murmured.

‘When did you grow so freakishly tall’

The boy remained silent, wondering in a disdain manner whether the world would ever so as much as improve even a slightest bit. Common sense seems to elude people quite easily these day.

‘Maybe you should join the Basketball team or something’ she said in a nonchalant manner and walked away eyeing someone else.

And while Justin couldn’t quite remember the rest of the day, his last sentence before he dozed off next to his mother was, ‘Mother, maybe I should join the basketball team.’

November 30, 2013