Britian to start rolling out plastic currency in 2016

It is official! The Bank of England will start issuing plastic money in 2016! Although that isn’t news as the central bank had gone on a country-wide spree explaining to the citizens of their country the benefit of plastic notes a while ago, what makes headlines is that Jane Austen will feature on 10-pound notes which will be issued a year later. In spite of the furore the Canadian plastic notes have been making, plastic notes, the Central Bank contends are more durable, difficult to counterfeit and cheaper to produce. However, the responses to the announcement was mixed.

One skeptical man told the BBC that the prototype felt “a bit like Monopoly money.”

The BoE too themselves admitted that the new currency “sometimes stick together . . . this effect is shortlived”.

Irrespective of the manner of change; for a country which loves and clings to its tradition, a switch to any form of currency would be difficult to implement.


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