Starting afresh

It has been a while since I’ve fired up the laptop with the sole purpose of writing a blog. The prolonged absence(almost a year) was due to a couple of unfortunate events (re: failing Final CA exam). However here I am, enroute Delhi via train, watching the silhouettes of trees and mountains as they pass by, unperturbed, for those who genuinely care about my writing (however few you’ll might be :D). In all these months I have formed in my mind several write-ups on various topics ranging from politics to chess to raconteurs. However as I try penning it down today, most of them seem vague and absurd. Thus, ‘a long break’ has been added to my list containing reasons for writers block.
In other news, I tried my luck at Ghost writing. The money sure is an added bonus but the feeling of the knowledge that my work is worthy of being published in the papers and on the web is just unparalled.
Checking out with the hope that I find the time and the motivation to write many more blogs.

Signing off.

26th November 2014.


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