The Raconteurs’ diary

Around 3 years back, when I was new to the world of blogging, a friend had requested me to write down a story. At that point of time neither did the notion of penning down a book entice me, nor could I imagine myself as a raconteur. Nevertheless a couple of notions had been formed back then and have been nagging me ever since.
In these past few years I’ve had my share of ups and downs as a budding writer; ergo the lack to time. I did try my hand at a couple of short stories, with one of them still in progress. However, since the last few days, due to the abundance of time and the ubiquitous inspiration found in the beautiful North East cities of India, the nagging sensation has become much more predominant. So here I am sitting at the foothills of the mountains, donning the metaphorical writers’ hat, trying my hand at my first real story.

Signing off, with the hope of penning down my first full-fledged story.


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