On how Facebook and Candy Crush has ruined our lives.

So I’m sitting in the train, looking at my fellow commuters and all I see are heads bowed down. Almost all of them, besides a couple of guys dozing away to glory, are staring at their mobile screens either furiously scrolling as if might miss something of significance if they don’t reach the end of the page by the end of the journey, or playing this game popularly known as candy crush. The purpose of the game evades me like the way Charlie Sheen misses cocaine. I could very well list down the reasons for me disliking the game (chronologically or alphabetically as you prefer) but I shan’t bore you with the details. However for records sake, the game requires no extraordinary cognitive skills nor does destroying candies gives me any pleasure and hence my disinterest.
Facebook, however is a different ballgame altogether. Here I would like to, try and point out the way it has affected the society:-
1. Not so recent studies shows that Facebook causes depression
2. It has pretty much intruded the privacy in each and every compartment of our lives.
3. The notifications we receive almost daily has lead to unmeasurable angst. (Especially the stupid candy crush notifications. Seriously will you all stop it! )
4. Since Facebook is mostly used to spy on people, it has pretty much singlehandedly caused a downfall in business detectives (refer technological unemployment) used to get from wives and girlfriends (okay, I had ran out of points).
Ergo, although these are just two small examples, it doesn’t need a technophile to conclude that technology has replaced the brains of our generation and unless we rise our heads above all this (not metaphorically) we are doomed to be a slave of it.

Signing off,
Harsh Kundnani


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