Things to be cheerful about

Before you begin reading this write-up, I must warn you that it might involve a certain amount of cribbing, although the title suggests otherwise. However, in my defense I’m entitled to it, for November has been gritting, ruthless and rather unapologetic about it; especially on CA students like me. The first half of the month went in appearing for exams and the rest of the month trying to reconnect with the world. Surprisingly, the latter proved to be the more challenging of the two tasks, for it seems as if I’ve lost all my socialising skills in those months I spent living like a hermit. That, coupled with the fact that I was rather vexed this morning, led to pretty melancholic foreday.
However, as thanksgiving had just passed and the fact that I had resolved to not do bad days anymore, I decided to list down things I’m grateful about.
Most of the list consists non-sensical points. Nevertheless here are some of them:
1. December is here.
No matter how much you despise the other months, you just cannot feel the same way about December. December is a joyous month as there are so many things to look forward to: the weather, Christmas, holidays and most importantly my birthday (it’s on Christmas eve incase you’ve forgotten or are unaware of)

2. Unintelligent banter, which go like these, do happen from time to time,
H: I think people are weird.
S: Even I think everyone is weird except me.
H: So do I.
S: Really?
H: No, not really.
S: I think that’s the most lamest conversation we had.
(And the gleeful laughter that follows)

3. People would take time out of their busy schedule to list down things to be happy about, albeit the fact that conversation like these would follow:



4. Getting lovely and motivational letters and mails such as these before exams from friends and family alike:



5. And most importantly there is love. Yes, my dear readers, it does exist, albeit the fact that it might seem otherwise at times. For the fear of being too cheesy or too non-machoistic I choose not to elaborate of this topic 😛

So my fellow readers, no matter how lousy (or not) the year has been, its December; the time to bid adieu to the year that has gone by and embrace the many more eventful years to come.

Signing off (in a rather jovial mood),
Harsh Kundnani.


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