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Britian to start rolling out plastic currency in 2016

It is official! The Bank of England will start issuing plastic money in 2016! Although that isn’t news as the central bank had gone on a country-wide spree explaining to the citizens of their country the benefit of plastic notes a while ago, what makes headlines is that Jane Austen will feature on 10-pound notes which will be issued a year later. In spite of the furore the Canadian plastic notes have been making, plastic notes, the Central Bank contends are more durable, difficult to counterfeit and cheaper to produce. However, the responses to the announcement was mixed.

One skeptical man told the BBC that the prototype felt “a bit like Monopoly money.”

The BoE too themselves admitted that the new currency “sometimes stick together . . . this effect is shortlived”.

Irrespective of the manner of change; for a country which loves and clings to its tradition, a switch to any form of currency would be difficult to implement.


Dear anyone,

I see ol’ Jack sitting out there alone. The boy thinks he’s in a limbo and he’s starting to get paranoid. What he is unaware of is probably the fact that almost everyone like him is living in a limbo. Unlike him, most are even unaware of this, and those who are have accepted the condition. Maybe even I fall into that class of people. Introspection doesn’t help anymore though. The myriad of confusion prevails.
Most of you’ll would consider this as ramblings, extraneous and muddled. That’s the way life is. I offer no solace.

Signing off,


‘You seek solace in a place which does not exist’, said the man.

‘You fail to understand faith’, relied the priest.

‘Maybe I do. But I do understand that in the name of a higher power, you belie the significance of individualism’, he replied.

‘Such fallacy! Do you think there is no intelligent being the existence of this entire earth?’, questioned the priest.

‘And if you do prove that he does exist, you uproot the age-old belief of men in Science and the Big Bang theory!’ he countered, as he turned around, smiling.

‘Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, my son’, narrated the priest.

‘Argumentation has never been a strong point for your side, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be’, muttered the man as he walked out of the room.

Quote For The Day

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Mandela Accused Of Treason In 1956

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison,” – Nelson Mandela, proof that the final form of love is forgiveness.

It is rare that one soul can impact all of ours – and make us more patient, more powerful and more human. Mandela was such a soul. And he will never leave us.

Update from a reader:

Nelson Mandela is the greatest public figure of my lifetime – greater than FDR, Churchill, JFK, Popes John XXIII and John Paul II. Upon hearing of Mandela’s death my memory instantly went to his speech to the Irish Parliament and subsequently to the Irish people whose history is also filled with oppression and sadness:

It could have been that our own hearts turned to stone. It could have been that…

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Justin Long

Justin Long was not the conventional kid you’d expect to find in a college. He was a loner, mildly dyslexic and a sternly opinionated person.

It was the 21st day of December, when as he was leaving college after getting done with his usual darg, a certain girl named Becky called him from behind. He didn’t like Becky for her annoying habit of picking at him the moment she spotted him.

‘Justin Long, is that you’, she squealed as she walked upto him.

‘Quite evidently’, he murmured.

‘When did you grow so freakishly tall’

The boy remained silent, wondering in a disdain manner whether the world would ever so as much as improve even a slightest bit. Common sense seems to elude people quite easily these day.

‘Maybe you should join the Basketball team or something’ she said in a nonchalant manner and walked away eyeing someone else.

And while Justin couldn’t quite remember the rest of the day, his last sentence before he dozed off next to his mother was, ‘Mother, maybe I should join the basketball team.’

November 30, 2013


So there I was, going through a well scripted story on a blog which I avidly follow when I noticed a small paragraph at the end proclaiming that anyone who would try to steal the contents of the blog would be bombed ( i.e sued) as they are ‘copyright protected’. That made me wonder that if someone did, just for the sake of satirical humour, steal the contents of somebodys’ blog, what would be the chances of such blatant act being discovered. Looking at it from a different angle, why would anybody post anything on the web and, well considering the amount of piracy going on, hope that it wont by copied!

The blogger had thereafter mentioned that she is a big follower of a certain author that goes by the name of Sue Grafton and that her writings are very much influenced by the latter. I’d almost cried out loud that very moment, “Plagiarism. Plagiarism everywhere!”. I’d like to ask the above-mentioned blogger someday if copying somebody’s style doesn’t amount to plagiarism?

Food for thought : The world would have been so much better if Hitler would have tried to exterminate hypocrites and not the Jews.

Nevertheless, wishing you all a Happy Sunday.

Signing off

15th September 2013

Today (Part 3)

Disclaimer: Today (Part 3) is no where related to ‘Today‘ and ‘Today (Part 2)‘ and hence should be read separately.

Today was unarguably one of the most lethargic and unproductive day in my history. It was a day highlighted with phlegm, watching TV and absolutely no thoughts about anything. Probably even the worst days of Ernest Hemingway, or perhaps Bob Dylan must have given more to mankind than this day of mine.

I’d like to tell you that drug-induced (medicinal drugs, just clarifying) sleep is the worst of all especially when your exams are round the corner. Irrespective of that fact I had to take them due to the damned flu. Thus, I woke up at noon feeling as obscure as one could. The entire day was then spent vegging out in front of the television watching classics and consuming pills instead of cheddar/salted popcorn (no caramel). I did however come across a couple of good write-ups while surfing which can be found here(in case you like content economics) and here.

Suddenly came the moment that I dreaded; that horrible sinking feeling that you get when you realize that the entire day has been wasted when you should be studying and making each day count. But then the phone rang, I realized it was a Saturday and that maybe a drink would do me good.

P.S The entire blog is written in haste. More on today in a while.

Signing off.

7th September 2013

The enamored world

Like a phoenix getting reborn from the ashes, there he rose. Crafted by the hands of a woman he was created. The reason of his being stood in front of him admiring her work, unembarrassingly admitting to herself that she too existed because of him. His eyes were deep, his face mystic. His mere gaze sent shivers through her body.

The rays of sun, as they entered in the room through the small window snapped her back to senses. She shook her head, switched off the lights of the room and walked away.